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Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation


  1. The manuscript should be prepared and formatted using the latest edition (6th edition) of the "Publication Manual of the APA" including levels of headings, citations, statistical and mathematical copies, tables and figures, and references

    You may refer to the following links for the APA style guide:

  3. Font size should be 12 times new roman including the title page except for the table numbers which can be smaller to fit the page. country, e-mail address/es, contact numbers of the authors.

  5. The paragraphs for the entire manuscript is typed using single spacing (including title page, references, and author bio profile). There should be no spaces in between paragraphs. A space is only placed in between headings.
  7. The left and right margins are 1.5 inches. Top and down margins are 1.5 inch.
  9. Provide 2 or more keywords below the abstract.
  11. Avoid using footnotes. If this cannot be avoided, reconstruct the footnotes as endnotes found at the end of the manuscript.
  13. Tables and figures are interjected in the text where they are supposed to be found. Tables and figures should fit in a portrait format (not landscape).
  15. Tables and figures should fit one page of a manuscript in portrait format (not landscape). If the tables and figures are long, place them in the appendix. If the text is enough to illustrate the results, no need to report tables and figures.
  17. Provide a one paragraph (3 to 4 sentences) bio profile for each author placed at the end of the manuscript. Indicate the institutional affiliation, country, and e-mail address.
  19. Submit the manuscript as a single word file. Do not separate the manuscript into several files.