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Volume 6 (2),  September 2012


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Accuracy of Clinical Sub-typing of Stroke in Comparison to Radiological Evidence

Yasser S. Sheta, Al-Sayed A. Al-Gohary, Mohamed El-Mahdy (pp. 1-7)


Accuracy of HBME-1 as an Immunohistochemical Marker Differentiating Benign from Malignant Follicular Thyroid Nodules

Abeer M. Hafez,Yasser S.Sheta, Mansour Mursy (pp. 8-17)


Queuing Approach to Model the MANETs Performance

Saad Talib Hasson, Enass Fadil (pp. 18-24)


The effect of fertilizer (NPK) on Infestation of Meloidogyne incognita on Cowpea, Vigna Unguiculata.(L.)

Tayo O Olowe (pp. 25-42) )


Study of the Objective Focal Properties for Asymmetrical Double Polepiece Magnetic Lens

Talib M. Abbass, Ban A. Nasser (pp. 43-50)


Density Functional Theory Calculations For Nitro Benzene Molecules Group

H. Ibrahim Aboud (pp. 51-60)


Propose a Mixture Edge Detection Method for Infrared Image Segmentation

Matheel E. Abdulmunim, Suhad M. (pp. 61-72)      



Oscillation Criteria for Second Order Nonlinear Differential Equations

Xhevair Beqiri,Elisabeta Koci (pp. 73-80)      


Agricultural Policy in the Cassava Sub-Sector: Implications for Welfare of Cassava Farmers in Nigeria

Benjamin Chijioke Asogwa, Joseph Chinedu Umeh, Victoria Ada Okwoche (pp. 81-98)      



An Optimization Technique for Routing in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Saad Talib Hasson (pp. 99-108)      



The European Mediterranean Partnership (Political and Economic Dimensions)

Ghazi Ismail Rababa’a (pp. 109-121)      



Adsorption of Nickel Ions by Synthesized Chitosan

Angham G. Hadi (pp. 122-126)      



Study of heavy metal Mn2+ Adsorption by Synthesized Chitosan

Angham G. Hadi (pp. 127-130)      



Population Growth and Economic Development in Jordan

Basem Louzi (pp. 131-139)      



Political Islam and the Contemporary Islamic Movement

Ghazi Ismail Rababa’a (pp. 140-163)