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Volume 4 (1),  March 2012


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Persistent Communication Using Ednr Protocol in Manet

S. Raguvaran, R.Kanagaraj pp. 1-10)


Ontology-Based Dynamic Business Process Customization

P. KameshKumar, R. Kanagaraj (pp. 11-18)


Advanced Integrated Steganographic Approach with Voip Communication

V. Ramesh Kannan, J. Selvakumar (pp. 19-25)


Svm Classifier for Surveillance under Nighttime Video Scenes

B. Saravanan,N. Raj kumar(pp. 26-34) )


The Determinants of Trade Flows between D-8 Group Members through Gravity Model

Somayeh Razzaghi,Mohammad Ali Motafakker Azad, Yusef Sofi(pp. 35-43)


Anxiety in Women Presenting for Mammography in Nigeria: Causes and Implications

Mark C. Okeji, Benjamin E. Udoh, Ndubuisi O.Chiaghanam,Mark C. Okeji (pp. 44-48)


Electromagnetic System for Railroad Track Crack Detection

Shanthini. M, Charanya.V, and S.Sneha Chowdary (pp. 49-56)      



The Impact of Human Resources Management in Logistic Service Providers and Supply Chain Capabilities: A Case Study

G.N. OKEUDO (pp. 57-71)      


Application of Contemporary Search and Optimization Methods to Discover Best Model for Achieving Score Function Goal

U.F. Eze, G. N. Okeudo,Paschal Chinedu (pp. 72-87)      



A Novel Model for Customer Relationship Management Pathology

Mohammadreza Kabaranzad-Ghadim, Mohsen Khosravian (pp. 88-97)      



Uniform Relative Reciprocal Velocity in Lorentz -Einstein Transformations

Faisal.A.Al-Bassam (pp. 98-116)      



The Effect of bismuth oxide Bi2O3 on Some Optical Properties of poly-vinyl alcohol

Ghaleb Abdul Wahab AL-Dahash , Hussein Neama Najeeb ,Ahmed Baqer ,Rafia Tiama (pp. 117-124)      



Effects of Environment, Alpha and Beta Particles on Lightly Doped of SMS film Germanium Junctions

Faisal A.Mustafa (pp. 125-141)      



Statistical Analysis of the Factors Affecting Accounting Students’ Awareness of the TAS (Turkish Accounting Standards) and TFRS (Turkish Financial Reporting Standards)

Niyazi Kurnaz (pp. 142-156)      



Casting Retrospective Glances of David Hilbert in the History of Pure Mathematics

W. Obeng-Denteh, S.K. Manu (pp. 157-163)      



Organic Vapors Sensor Based on Photosynthesize Porous Silicon

Oday Arkan Abbas (pp. 164-168)      



Effect of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) and Conventional Strategies on Students’ performance in Mathematics

Adetunji Abiola OLAOYE (pp. 169-176)      



The Periodic Solution Ordinary Differential Equations order Containing Frequency Terms

Hayder Jabbar Abood, Rusul Mhammed Hussien (pp. 177-196)