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Volume 3 (2),  Feburary 2012


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Theoretical Analysis of Eccentric Flow of Cylindrical Bodies in Pipelines

Farhan Lafta Rashid, Abdulsattar k. Abbas, Ahmed Hashim (pp. 1-9)


Transient Heat Transfer Analysis in Air Cooling of Individual Spherical Food Products

Hani Najm Obaid , Ahmed Hashim, Farhan Lafta Rashid (pp. 10-18)


Measurement of Void Fraction for Two-Phase Flow by Using Self-Inductance Technique

Ibrahim kaittan fayyadh , Farhan Lafta Rashid , Ahmed Hashim, Muhammad Izaat Esmaeel (pp. 19-25)


Electromagnetic Field Effect on Particles Diffusion in Gases

Ibrahim kaittan fayyadh, Farhan Lafta Rashid, Muhammad Izaat Esmaeel, Ahmed Hashim(pp. 26-47) )


Theoretically Investigation of Experimental Values for the Behaviour of Electrons in Ionosphere

Farhan lafta Rashid, Ahmed Hashim, Amir-Abass Omran(pp. 48-62)


Calculation of Drag Coefficients for Geometrical Shapes in Gas Using Numerically Transport Equation Solution

Farhan lafta Rashid, Falah Ali Jasim, Ahmed Hashim (pp. 63-80)


Transportation of Objects by Spherical Bodies through a Water Pipeline that Depends on Difference in Elevation in Iraq

Farhan Lafta Rashid , Hani Najm Obaid, Ahmed Hashim(pp. 81-95)      



Energy Output of Geopressured Geothermal Reservoir for Electricity Generation

Farhan Lafta Rashid , Hani Najm Obaid , Ahmed Hashim (pp. 81-88)      


Design of Solar Pond for Electricity Production

Farhan Lafta Rashid, Ibrahim Kaittan Fayyadh, Ahmed Hashim (pp. 104-111)      



Power Production using Tidal Energy

Farhan Lafta Rashid, Ashwaq Hilal Mohamad, Ahmed Hashim (pp. 112-117)      



Geothermal Energy for Electricity Generation

Farhan Lafta Rashid, Ahmed Abdullettif, Ahmed Hashim (pp. 118-130)      



Geothermal Energy for Electricity Generation

Farhan Lafta Rashid, Ahmed Abdullettif, Ahmed Hashim (pp. 118-130)      



Design Study of Saving Solar Energy by Sodium Chloride or Sodium Bicarbonate Solution

Farhan Lafta Rashid , Amir Abass Omran, Ahmed Hashim (pp. 131-141)      



Volume Fraction Measurement by Using Cesium Source Beam

Farhan Lafta Rashid , Amir Abass Omran, Ahmed Hashim (pp. 142-147)      



Morphological Filter is an Active Tool for Edge Detection in Noisy Image

Nedhal Mohammed Al-Shereefi (pp. 148-158)      



Syngas Production from Date Palm Seeds by Using Advanced Microwave Technology

N. Al-Rubaye, D. Al-Khafagiy, B. Kabalan, and A. Al-Shammaa (pp. 159-165)      



Calculation of Energy Levels Of 205Hg By using Nuclear Shell Moddel and (OXBASH)

Khalid Hussain Hattif al Attiah (pp. 166-170)