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Volume 3 (1),  January 2012


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Effect of Germinated and Ungerminated Soybean Flour on the Rheological Properties of Wheat Bread Dough

Malomo , Olu., Ogunmoyela , A.O.B., Kukoyi, Iretimipo (pp. 1-40)


The Development of the Geologic Model of the Gongola Basin Depositional Sequence Using Lithofacies Map

E.E.Epuh, D. O.Olorode,P.C. Nwilo, C. U Ezeigbo (pp. 42-58)


The New Technologies and the Conduct Of E-Examinations: A Case Study of National Open University of Nigeria

Adegbija, M.V., Fakomogbon, M.A., Daramola, F.O. (pp. 59-66)


Evolution of poverty in Tunisia: 1990-2000

Lamia Arfaoui, Samia Kouki, Fatma Mathlouthi(pp. 67-79) )


Impact of Viewer Response Profile on Skepticism Toward Advertising

Muhammad Umair Akram, Rashid Pervaiz, Tabssum Riaz (pp. 80-88)


The Factors of Fecting the Management of Future High-Rise Buildings (Towers) In Egypt

P.E.D Akram Farouk Mohamed (pp. 89-106)


The Management of High-Rise Steel Structures

Akram Farouk(pp. 107-118)      



The Management of Energy Conservation in New Cities in Egypt

Akram Farouk (pp. 119-132)      


Discovered DNAs of Protein with Using Parallel Prefixspan Method

Fatemeh Jahanian (pp. 133-142)      



Collocation in Persian language: A Cognitive Perspective

Heidar Nosratzade, M. Dabirmoghadam (pp. 143-145)      



Theoretical Analysis of the Retention Behavior of Pesticides and Active Pharmaceutical Compounds in Wastewater and River Waters

Hadi Nourizadeh, Abbas Farmani (pp. 146-151)      



The History of Josoits in the European Middle Ages

Hana Nosratzadeh, Abassgholi Ghafari Fard (pp. 152-155)      



Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Society (Using Shell Petroleum Development Company as a Case study)

Geraldine Nkechinyere Okeudo (pp. 156-163)      



Level Contributions of Labour, Capital and Human Resources in Productivity of Transport Firms in Nigeria

Geraldine Nkechinyere Okeudo (pp. 164-170)      



The Comparative Evaluation and Offering Conceptual Model In Order to Reach the World Class Manufacturing

Abdolhamid Safaei Ghadikolaei, Hadi Dargahi (pp. 171-178)