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Volume 18 (2),  February 2020


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Intercalated Morphophoneme in the Syntactic Structures "A Modern Linguistic Study"

Raedah Ali Marashdeh (pp. 1-16)


The Impact of the New Media on the Arabic language Reality and Solutions

Khaled Fahad Mayyas (pp. 17-26)


National Socialists from the Arab perspective. Example: Hitler fī al-mīzān ('Abbās Maḥmūd al-'Aqqād)

Renata Asali-van der Wal, Othman Thieyabat(pp. 27-42)


The Crime of Committing Acts of Indecency Using Social Media

Moayad Hosni Ahmad Al-Khawaldeh, Ali Jabbar Saleh (pp. 43-53) )


Prophet Muḥammad’s Marriage with Khadīja between Orientalists’ Insinuations and Historical Facts

Ibada Hilal (pp. 54-59)


The Impact of Modern Technology in the Spread of the Phenomenon of Forgetfulness from the Perspective of Students and Members of the Administrative and Faculty in Jordanian Universities

Mohammed Hasan Maabreh (pp. 60-76)


Payment Systems in Electronic Commerce Operations in Arab Countries; Focus on the legal Control of Electronic

Mueen Fandi Alshunnaq(pp. 77-82)      



Franchise Contract "Commercial License Contract" and how to Organize it in the Jordanian Law

Mueen Fandi Alshunnaq (pp. 83-92)      


Legal Bases for Distinguishing Administrative Contracts; A Comparative Study

Moayad Hosni Ahmad Al khawaldeh, Khaled Khalaf Aldrou (pp.93-110)      



A Study of 20Ne Gas in the Brueckner-Bethe-Goldstone Theory

Y. A. AL-Dalabih, A. S. Sandouqa, B. R. Joudeh, H. B. Ghassib (pp. 111-122)      



Development of a Mobile-Learning Platform for Entrepreneurship Education in Nigeria

Edeh Michael Onyema, Quadri Noorulhasan Naveed, Alhuseen Omar Alsayed, Nwafor Chika Eucheria, Abdullahi Isa, Faluyi Samuel Gbenga (pp. 123-141)      



Performance Modelling of a Random Token Generating Class Attendance System

Oyewo Olugbenga Ayodeji, Olutayo Kehinde Boyinbode (pp. 142-151)      



The Degree of Practicing Transformational Leadership by Principals in Irbid Governorate from the Teachers’ Perspective

Radi Mohammad Alnahar Al- Shannaq (pp. 152-167)      



Neighborhood Attachment Studies: A Systematic Review

Samaneh Khabiri, Mohammad Reza Pourjafar, Mohammad Saeid Izadi (pp. 168-184)